Directed by Jordan Mears

Brittany Sparkles

Johnnie Brannon

Byron Taylor

Jason Willey

Austin Brown

Scott McEntire

Brent Welch

Kwynn McEntire

Candyce Hinkle

Len Schlientz

"Vampire-Killing Prostitute was tons of fun, that Yeti stole our hearts! Can't wait to see what Jordan will do next!" ~ RKSS (The Writers/Directors of Turbo Kid)


2014 UCA Film Festival

  • Best Director (Jordan Mears)

  • Best Editing

  • Best Producer

  • Best Cinematography

  • Best Sound Design

2016 Bad Film Festival

  • There Will Be Blood Award

2016 American Grindhouse Film Festival

  • Best Grindhouse Style Classic Horror

Festival Run

  • 2014 UCA Film Festival

  • 2015 Little Rock Film Festival

  • 2015 Fright Night Film Festival

  • 2015 Little Rock Horror Picture Show

  • 2015 Hot Springs Horror Film Festival

  • 2015 Fantastically Horror Film Festival

  • 2015 Northern Frights Film Festival

  • 2016 Fantastic Cinema Film Festival

  • 2016 Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

  • 2016 World Horror Con Film Festival

  • 2016 Bad Film Festival

  • 2016 International Vampire Film and Arts Festival

  • 2016 Calgary Horror Con

  • 2016 Horror @ The Hooker 

  • 2016 American Grind house Film Festival

  • 2016 Mad Town Horror Film Festival

  • 2016 Grindhouse Planet horror 


Dr. Quentin Cox

Father Kaufman


Little John

Raven's Father 

Sassy The Sasquatch

Young Raven

The Married Woman

The Married Man

Vampire-Killing Prostitute - Full Film

The Making of Vampire-Killing Prostitute