Directed by Matthew Thomas Foss

Matthew Foss

Dewey Farmer

Jim Guinee

Harrison Trigg

Brent Welch

Steven Oder

Johnnie Brannon

Kimberlynn Fitts


2016 Fayetteville Film Festival

  • Audience Choice Award

​Festival Run

  • 2016 LA Comedy Fest

  • 2016 Fayetteville Film Festival

  • 2016 LA Indie Fest.

  • Original title is Roman Bickerstaff: The Rise and Fall of an R.A.

  • Film picked up distribution shortly after starting it's festival run.

  • Available on Amazon Prime 

  • Filmed on location at the University of Central Arkansas.

Roman Bickerstaff

Clement Sam Pedro

John Hartman

Drew Dinsdale

Shawn Davis

Ethan Shea

Dean David Dean

Katie Moran