2010 48 Hour Film Little Rock


Directed by Matt Owen

Character - Geoff or Georgia Cook Occupation - Camp Counselor

Line of Dialogue - Here we go again

Prop - Tire

Michael A. Klucher         

Cappilya Uptergrove 

Andy Sawyer 

Johnnie Brannon 

Joe Maneiro 


2010 48 Hour Film Project

  • Audience Top Choice - Top 10

  • Laugh Out Loud Award

  • My film debut

  • Produced under Brickhut productions which is a moniker created under Matt Owen. 

  • Matt Owen directed a horror film the previous year called Dead Bolt. Joe Maneiro won for Best Editing and Dero Sanford won Best Cinematography.​










Geoff Cooke        

Kasey Klein 

Brian Macdonald

Mike Flannigan 

The Client