Directed by Scott McEntire

Kristie Pipes

Dustin Alford

Tucker Steinmetz

Johnnie Brannon

Don Pirl

Erica Monday

Clayton Bowman

Caleb Spillyards

Jason S. Morgan

Brennan Beams

Mike Brabender

Brian S. White

Festival Run

  • 2013 Little Rock Film Festival

  • 2013 Action on Film Festival

  • 2013 Conway Film Festival

  • 2013 Offshoot Film Festival

  • 2013 Indie Gathering Film Festival

  • 2013 Lake Charles Film Festival

  • 2013 Mississippi International Film Festival

  • 2014 Bare Bones Film Festival

  • Dustin Alford won Best Actor at the 2011 Little Rock Film Festival for his performance in the short film, Foot Soldier.

  • Jason Morgan won Best Actor at the 2013 Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project for his performance in Now You See Me.

  • Don Pirl plays Sheriff Frank. Don has worked on several feature films including True Grit, 5 Time Champion and Serving Sara.

  • Caleb Sillyards who plays Rudy has worked on several films including Joe Dirt 2, The Astronaut's Wives Club and the upcoming horror film, Happy Death Day.

Eve Wallace



Max Wallace

Sheriff Frank






Mayor Goodall

Mr. Guidry